TRAC is a leader in the development of cross-sector strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening communication, leadership, capacity, relationships, and improving outcomes for all. 


The world for NPO's (Non-profit organizations), NGO's (Non-government organizations) can be strikingly
different and remarkably similar to the neighboring worlds of government agencies, for profit companies,
and public institutions.  The challenges of each type of entity may vary, however, one absolute constant is
people need to work with one another. 

All NPO or NGO's will need to or want to collaborate at various times with the neighboring worlds to
advance their mission and represent their constituencies. The neighboring worlds can be larger,
more bureaucratic, and at times, difficult to understand.

It can also be said that some government agencies, for profit companies, and public institutions are not
always sure of the most appropriate or accepted ways of collaborating with the NPO's and NGO's.

The sum of all the above is in order for people to work with one another towards the greater good, 
they need the confidence and skills to do so regardless of which "world" they are from.    We help to 
shortcut the learning curve and accelerate the development of the process.  Our goal is to help those
helping others do it better and sooner.  

  • Facilitate interaction across sectors
  • Business Planning and Analysis
  • Strategic Program and Organization Development
  • Public Policy Strategies
  • Grassroots and Community Building
  • Leadership Development

  • GALA-The Global Advocacy Leadership Academy