TRAC is a leader in the development of cross-sector strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening communication, leadership, capacity, relationships, and improving outcomes for all. 

Patient Services

Personalized services to help patients and their loved ones understand and navigate their way through their healthcare journey that includes an increasingly complex medical care system and environment.

Wherever you are in your healthcare journey, we believe information and education help empower patients and their loved ones every step along the way.  

With more than a decade of expertise in patient services and navigation activities, we are here to answer your questions, provide guidance, feedback, experience, perspective, and encouragement. 

Many patients come to us when dealing with a new diagnosis, trying to be accurately diagnosed, wanting a second opinion, or examining their treatment options.

Here are some common areas of need that patients and their loved ones ask for help with: 
  • Understanding your diagnosis, test results, and treatment options
  • Selecting your healthcare team
  • Understanding your disease or condition
  • Genetic testing and inherited conditions
  • Clinical trials